Lost Corner Farm

Restorative, sustainable, natural.

Welcome to Lost Corner Farm of Leesburg, Virginia, a traditional, sustainable farming operation producing high quality, flavorful fruits and vegetables found in local farm markets, businesses, and on the tables of community members. Some of the places you can find our produce include Mom's Apple Pie Bakery, in their pies and quiche as well as for sale in their retail shops when in season; at Potomac Vegetable Farms' Vienna market and CSA shares; at Cultured: Tasteful Frozen Yogurt... and Soup! in a variety of soups during colder months and as toppings for their real frozen yogurt during late spring and summer.

We are happy to offer our CSA share for the 2017 growing season and look forward to providing you and your family with some of the best farm-fresh food in the area.  Our riverside fields produce truly beautiful, flavorful, and nutritious fruits and veggies... and bountifully! 



Guinea Hogs are listed on the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy (ALBC) under 'critical' as there were fewer than 200 left before resetablishment began in the 1980's. While they are still quite rare, there has been an upsurge in interest in these loveable creatures due in part to their docile temperament and in part to the excellent, flavorful meat they provide. They have been listed on Slow Food USA's Ark of Taste and highly praised by notable chefs. 

Because they are excellent foragers, our Guinea Hogs are active workers on the farm, slowly clearing newly forested areas that we would like to reclaim. We use moveable fencing and rotate the hogs to new pasture and foraging ground as necessary. Our goal is to feed the hogs as much as possible from what grows here on the farm; Fall and early Winter are their favorite as they consume great quantities of pumpkin and winter squash in addition to their small ration of organic, soy-free, non-GMO feed from Countryside Organics.

We are members of the American Guinea Hog Association and register all litters. For planned breeding info and piglets for sale, please see 'available piglets'.

For more information on our current breeding animals, please use the links below: