Lost Corner Farm

Restorative, sustainable, natural.

Welcome to Lost Corner Farm of Leesburg, Virginia, a traditional, sustainable farming operation producing high quality, flavorful fruits and vegetables found in local farm markets, businesses, and on the tables of community members. Some of the places you can find our produce include Mom's Apple Pie Bakery, in their pies and quiche as well as for sale in their retail shops when in season; and at Potomac Vegetable Farms' Vienna market.

We look forward to providing you and your family with some of the best farm-fresh food in the area. Our riverside fields produce truly beautiful, flavorful, and nutritious fruits and veggies... and bountifully!

Steven Cox

Chief farmer at Lost Corner, Steven has been farming... well, forever! He has so much to say about the soil, the process, and his involvement that it's hard to get a simple statement from him. Suffice it to say that farming has been the most consistent thing in his life since childhood and there is nothing he'd rather do (aside from hanging with the grandchild). Always a learning experience, farming along the Potomac River has taught Steven much, and not just about food. Getting your hands in the dirt on a daily basis provides much time to think and connect with something greater, making Steven the epitome of Jefferson's vision and a modern Yeoman Farmer.

Thea Cox

Steven's sister Thea has been in love with flowers and dirt all of her life.  She helped many young children throughout her career in early childhood education to grow sunflowers and zinnias, snap peas and lettuce, milk weed and paperwhites.  Now that she is retired from teaching, she is developing her own gardens at Lost Corner to include perennials along with the prolific annuals.  Bouquets in homes, on tables, shelves, and sinks, might go a long way toward balancing us toward the health we all seek.  Flowers, especially local ones that do not rob other countries of their precious underground water stores and do not require large amounts of sprays and fertilizers, feed the butterflies and birds, and connect us to natural beauty and lift our spirits!  

Tyson Cox

Steven's only son and the 6'2" baby of the family is back on the farm after some time at Virginia Tech and some travel throughout South America (where he completed culinary school), and a bit of good hard labor for Australia's wine industry. Tyson has big plans for the future of Lost Corner, including a range of grass fed cattle, more extensive vineyards, and a diverse, well-integrated,  produce and animal system.

Biansa Cox

Ansa is one of Steve's daughters, who has managed a small animal husbandry program and goat milk share over the past several years. Ansa's interests encompass all aspects of the land and farming with a focus on Permaculture and true sustainability. She is training as an herbalist at Sacred Plant Traditions in Charlottesville, and currently delving into forest farming the back acreage with a permaculturist's eye.  In the summer, Ansa and her children are often found walking along the river through Thea's abundant and colorful flower garden.

A trained art therapist, Ansa understands the importance of nature in therapeutic practice and eco-arts endeavors, and relishes life on the farm.